Kristi Smith
Master Trainer

I have had a love and dedication to training dogs my entire life. I began training dogs competitively in my teenage years when I began showing Rough Collies and Doberman Pinschers in Conformation and Obedience Classes for my parents and began training dogs professionally in 1981. I titled my first Breed Champion, a Doberman Pinscher, when I was only 13 years old. In 1982 I joined the Victoria Dog Obedience Club where I was an active member and Obedience Instructor teaching Novice, Open, Utility and Puppy Classes and was on one of the first Agility Teams in the United States. Throughout the years, I have constantly expanded my education in regards to dog training and in particular working with difficult behavioral issues such as aggression. I specialize in evaluating behavioral issues and defining programs to assist owners in overcoming these issues with their canine companions.

Megan Braganza

Megan has been a basic obedience trainer for the last two years but has been working with animals over eight. Working with dogs has always been her biggest passion. Megan has a psychology degree from Northern Arizona University that she uses daily in her work training service animals. Megan’s passion for working with service dogs and their handlers drives her to grow and learn each and every day. Megan believes that dogs have the ability to change people’s lives and she wants to be part of that process from start to finish.

Dede Hover

Dede Hoover

Dede Hoover was born and raised Hawaii. She attended San Jose State University where she obtained her BS in Psychology. She is a Navy Veteran, where she proudly served her country working as a hospital corpsman. Dede has spent many years owning a family business with her husband. Dede Hoover has been working at K9 Games for over a year and a half. She loves pursuing her lifelong passion in working with dogs. She has enjoyed the challenge of working with dogs and their behavior to better the home lives, for both dogs and our clients. Being able to have a hand in helping to train service dogs and therapy dogs and seeing so many lives changed, has been such an amazing experience for her.

Wesley Bates

Working with animals has always been a passion of mine, especially the challenging ones. A large majority of my life in addition to school and various jobs my family and I have fostered, rehabilitated and placed a plethora of “unadoptable” dogs. I love nothing more than facilitating a big breakthrough moment in an aggressive, fearful or even just an unapologetically rambunctious dog. In my off time I like camping, hiking, fishing or just about anything else that gets me outside but the best part of all those things is getting to bring my four-legged best buddy along with me.

Brianna Orgega

Hi! My name is Brianna! I love working with dogs because I get to discover each of their unique personalities. Dogs are wonderful and only know to love unconditionally. I love to help teach them how to understand boundaries and good manners. I also love helping them to know when it’s okay to have fun!

Deborah Bragg

Deborah has always had a love of dogs since before she could walk. In 2015, she enlisted the help of Kristi and K9-Games to train a diabetic alert dog for her son and another for her husband. With her new found passion for training service dogs, she is excited to be working with K9-Games assisting others. She finds it so rewarding to see the fruits of her efforts and enjoys helping people bond with their dogs through training.

Nanci Yamamori

My name is a Nanci Yamamori and I have been a dog owner all of my life. I am an advocate for homeless dogs and foster regularly. I believe in creating harmonious relationships between dogs and their owners through education and training. I am passionate about solidifying reliability with commands so that a strong bond of trust can exist for our clients and their companions. There is no better feeling than to know your dog is capable and willing to do what is asked of them every time in every situation.

Farren Flickinger

My name is Farren Flickinger and I have been an animal advocate my whole life! I grew up on a farm with all kinds of animals from a young age. I started volunteering and working at animal non-profits which led me to find my love for animal behavior and health. Currently I am in school to become a veterinary technician! My passion is to help furry kiddos and their pet parents become their best!

Keegan Kovach

My name is Keegan Kovach. I’ve loved dogs and grown up with them my entire life, and my love for animals has only grown since I’ve gotten here. Coming to work every day and getting the opportunity to work with all the different breeds and all their different personalities is what make my job so interesting. Although I am only 19, I’ve learned so much and enjoy what I’m doing every day, I am sure I want to work with dogs for as long as possible.

Jordyn Fornier

Animals have always played a major role in my life. I grew up around them and continue to surround myself with all species. Becoming a dog trainer taught me many things and continues to teach me new things every day. The bond between man and dog is something truly unique to that particular duo and I am grateful to be a part of making that bond the strongest it may possibly get to be.

Makayla Hoover

Makayla has been working for K9-Games for the past year. Since a very young age she has always dreamed of working with dogs and animals. She is grateful for the opportunity to be able to learn from the K9-Games team. She is happy to see how quickly the dogs progress in their training here and how happy our clients are when they go home!

Brandon Deal

Brandon is a 26 year old engineering graduate from ASU who has lived in Arizona the majority of his life. Brandon has grown up with pets his whole life and has loved caring for them. Brandon sought out K9- Games after meeting a close family friend’s dog that was trained by the K9-Games team. Brandon was amazed by his discipline and immediately sought out K9-Games with his pup, Frank. Many of his friends and family work in the medical field, so naturally he worked with the team to get on the path of therapy training with Frank to visit hospitals, elderly homes, hospices, etc. Brandon is excited for the opportunity, gaining even more training knowledge, and assisting others with their pet training needs!

Alexander Baldwin
Apprentice Trainer

Humans and canines have a direct relationship that dates back tens of thousands of years. Without each other, our evolutionary journey would not be quite the same. We did our part back then to start the domestication process, and I personally feel like it is our responsibility to continue to care for and cherish this amazing connection.
Dealing with living beings can be difficult and emotional sometimes, but safety and cleanliness is extremely important to me. Here at K-9 Games, I help make sure that each dog’s stay is a happy and healthy experience, as that is essential to learning how to communicate and co-exist with one another.

Alexis Schlecht
Apprentice Trainer

Hi! I’m Alexis Schlecht. Ever since I was a little, I always have had a love for dogs. I am happiest and most comfortable when around them. I love doing anything outdoors and of course playing with my 3 dogs I have at home. I love being a part of k-9games and helping taking care of all the dogs!

Shelby Grosh
Apprentice Trainer

Growing up I’ve always had a huge spot in my heart for animals. Especially dogs. I grew up in a family where the dogs were just another one of my siblings. But I never dreamed I would have a job where I got to work with dogs every day. I first got my foot in the door as a kennel tech in a shelter and I fell in love. It was the most rewarding thing to be able to help give those dogs a clean, safe environment and also grooming them to help them find their forever homes. Unfortunately, there’s not much advancement in shelters. That’s when I found K-9 Games! I love coming into work every day and seeing the progress the dogs have made since they were first brought to us. Outside of work I just enjoy lounging around with my dogs, taking them to the lake to swim or take them for a ride on my paddle board with me!