American Kennel Club Awards K9-Games trained dog – Awards for Canine Excellence!

The American Kennel club has awarded Keahi a Belgian Tervuren trained and handled by K9-Games head trainer Kristi Smith an Award for Canine Excellence as the 2012 Search Dog of the Year.  Local News station Arizona Family interviewed Kristi and Keahi on September 26th regarding this award.   Follow the link to see the coverage!


2012 Search and Rescue Dog of the Year!

K9 Games’s Keahi (a Belgian Tervuren) has recieved a very prestigious Award for Canine Excellence (ACE)  from the American Kennel Club.  She has been named as the American Kennel Clubs 2012 Search and Rescue Dog of the Year.  (see full article at   Keahi has been trained and handled by the head-trainer at K9-Games, Kristi Smith.  Together they have worked numerous searches, many of them successful.  Keahi and Kristi are also featured in a documentary soon to be released, see the trailer at    In her spare time Keahi also volunteers as a Therapy Dog.