Thinking about getting a dog or already have one? It is important to consider the financial responsibility associated with your four-legged family members. They will need food, veterinary care, grooming, and exercise—and you can count on unexpected expenses, too! To prepare for all of these things, a smart move is to set aside some funds for your canine companion so that you are ready to handle whatever comes your way. After all, the best way to be a responsible pet owner is to be prepared.

It’s important to budget for your dog. He is a member of the family and relies on you to provide for him. If you have a puppy, you should also anticipate the costs of obedience training, a leash and collar, toys, bedding and other doggie basics. You should have a cost estimate as to the quantity of food and treats he consumes on a regular basis. How much flea and tick and heartworm medication does he need and at what intervals? What about his annual vet checkups? Also, consider setting aside some money in the case of an emergency. A dog may develop allergies and be placed on a permanent regimen of medications or special diets, or you may need to board him for an unexpected emergency. Things happen and it’s always a relief to have backup funds to use as a safety cushion. Pet health insurance is an excellent way to ensure that your pet’s health is protected.

Another great reason you may want to have a reserve for your canine companion is to have a little fun! Interested in showing your dog?  Doing Sporting Events such as Field Trials, Carting or Herding?  Competing in Agility or Obedience? Events are the premier way to enjoy time with your dog. Check our your local Events or dog club websites as well as national sites such as to learn all you need to know about fun in the ring. Whether it is traveling to a dog show, the latest and greatest new dog toy, a hiking expedition, a trip to the beach or a day exploring a nearby dog-friendly city, both you and your dog will enjoy spending time together. Not only will it get you both out of the house and into some new adventures, it will help strengthen the human-animal bond that you share.

Visit to learn more about adding a dog to your household. You can set up a credit card for pet-related expenses with your dog’s name and breed on the card. Interested in setting up an account or learning more about saving for your pooch? Visit your  Bank or call to learn more about opening a savings account for man’s best friend—you can even bring your pooch along for a free dog biscuit!