Advanced Obedience

Advanced Obedience

This training program is designed to give you complete control of your dog in any environment. We will train you to train your dog or we train your dog to be reliable in the midst of real world distractions. Advanced Obedience includes an unlimited number of lessons. The following concepts/commands will be taught utilizing voice commands and hand signals:

Basic Manners

  • Over (go left or right)
  • Back (to turn and go back)
  • Send Away (to send the dog away)
  • Hup (to jump objects as directed)
  • Thru (to go through Tunnels)
  • Sit (with the handler out of sight)
  • Down (with the handler out of sight)
  • Front (Recall to a sit in front)
  • Finish (“swing” into a heel position)

** Training can be done in Private, Private & Group Lessons, or Boot Camp

**Pre-Requisite: Complete off leash basic obedience.

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