The Doggie “Boot-Camp” Program involves your dog staying in our residence at the K9-Games home. After the Doggie “Boot-Camp” is completed, you and your dog will complete private follow-up and group lessons in order to learn how to utilize the training. The Doggie “Boot-Camp” program works well if you have a schedule that limits the time that you have available to train your dog, if you are quickly frustrated by training, for destructive, aggression or fear-based problems. The Doggie “Boot-Camp” Program can provide a wonderful jump start to training your dog and getting foundation commands instilled in your dog in a manner that they understand as well as working them through any problem behaviors.

It is imperative that you maintain the training after the “Boot Camp” is completed. Consistency is a must. You will be responsible for maintaining reliability with your dog by attending the follow-up private lessons and learning how to handle and communicate with your dog in the manner that he/she is trained by The K9-Games Trainers, otherwise we cannot guarantee our results.

3-5 Week Dog Training Boot Camp

The Doggie “Boot Camp” program teaches house manners, obedience commands and helps modify any problem behaviors. Your dog would be integrated into our home, with our family and other dogs in the boot camp. We do this to ensure the most reliability when they return home.


  • Sit on command (maintaining a sit/stay)
  • Down on command (maintaining a down/stay)
  • Go to a place (bed, rug, or mat)
  • Walk with you (heel)
  • Recall (come) to you off leash from a distance


  • Off of furniture (if desired)
  • No Jumping on people
  • Quiet on command
  • Waiting at the door
  • Elminate puppy/play biting
  • Housebreaking

Our Boot-Camp program includes boarding costs (during the Boot Camp), follow-up private lessons (unlimited) and FREE lifetime enrollment in any K9-Games group classes. Cost of any special training tools (halti’s, harnesses, remote collar, boarding after completion of boot camp, etc.) is not included. Owners must provide collar, food and proof of current vaccinations.


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