Our No Limitations training program is designed to give you complete control of your dog in any environment. We will train you to train your dog to be reliable in the midst of real world distractions. Initially every student has private lessons, then progress to our group classes. Group classes are taught multiple times per week. You may attend an unlimited number of group lessons until your dog achieves the following skill set, at which time you will be issued a graduation certificate. However, even after completion of this course we will provide lifetime follow-up should you encounter any problems. The following concepts/commands will be taught:

Basic Obedience

  • Sit on command (maintaining a sit/stay)
  • Down on command (maintaining a down/stay)
  • Go to a place (bed, rug, or mat)
  • Walk with you (heel)
  • Recall (come) to you off leash from a distance

Basic Manners

  • Off of furniture (if desired)
  • No Jumping on people
  • Quiet on command
  • Waiting at the door
  • Elminate puppy/play biting
  • Housebreaking
  • Any problem behavior you are experiencing

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