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K9-Games offers individual training sessions as well as a variety of group programs to fit the needs of our clients. Each one is individually tailored to meet the needs of the client based upon their desires and/or the problem behaviors exhibited by their dogs from basic obedience training to specialized training for working dogs.

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This program will assist you in smoothly integrating your puppy into a “Human” household. You will learn how to: House break your puppy, groom and provide appropriate health care, play positive games with your pup, and begin shaping behaviors such as leash walking, waiting at the door, sit and come.

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After completing Doggie Boot Camp, he was a different dog. We began to have harmony amongst us and we got our lives back. With continued group training classes we have found a better balance and happiness in our household. We look forward to continuous growth as we attend more sessions.

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About K-9 Games

K9-Games is a revolutionary dog training business utilizing Amazing, Miraculous, Gentle and Effective Training Methods to help you communicate with your dog. Our extensive website provides clients with training tips and techniques aimed at easing the training process. K9-Games  provides nationally recognized complete lifetime dog training services, expert customer support and guaranteed results!

Every Dog Deserves an Education

“K9-Games offers unique, effective communication methods that are unparalleled in achieving faster, more reliable results that every owner can master.”

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